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For a smooth gameplay follow these next steps:

Step №1

Create a Game Account

Create Master Account in the Account Panel. Each Master account can have multiple Accounts.

Step №2

Download and Install Game Client

Download the retail Lineage II Interlude Game client on your computer. You can choose any link from buttons below.

Step №3

Download and Install System

Download latest L2Eve system from any link below.

When download is complete, extract it to the root folder of the game, near folders like "textures" or "sounds".
(Example: C:\Program Files\Lineage II\)

Step №4

Enter the Game

To enter the game, go to root folder of the game and run l2.exe from the /system-eve folder.
(Example: C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system-eve\l2.exe).

In case of any problem starting the game contact us via discord